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Whether light and funny or dark and sad, one thing the reader can count on with a Christi Caldwell novel is a captivating and emotional journey with amazing characters and a strong storyline. And without a doubt the reader will also be guaranteed as they turn that last page a feeling of satisfaction, triumph over trials, and the hope of love and new beginnings.



Read in one enchanted evening

It is a must read! A beautifully romantic, find again lost love you will not be able to put down! It will leave you wanting this heart tugging story to never end. Thank you once again for another blockbuster read Christie she'll NEVER disappoint!

-The Book Maven


Two worlds of the Marquess

This book had many twists and turns that keeps the reader engaged. The characters make you have compassion for them and wish their story ends happily ever after.


Dark and Delicious

... a powerful second chance romance, that has true angst, heartbreak, sibling/family discourse and of course the love story, as the rogue Dare is plucked out of Newgate Prison and certain death, to take his rightful place in polite society.

The Lost Lord’s has taken Christi’s books out of the ballrooms of Mayfair and into the slums of London. The hero in this latest Caldwell love story isn’t a typical hero, he is a rough and tumble thief, and makes no excuse about his thieving...Caldwell writes gritty and dangerous Dare with stark realism. He isn’t the usual romantic hero, he is brash and unapologetic...Dare wasn’t a hero I immediately liked, because he isn’t supposed to be. But as the story progressed he has the depth of character that is revealed who he was at heart, and why he made the choices he did. The heroine Temperance Swift, might live in the London slums surrounded by open sewage, thievery, and vice, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have high moral standards. Moral standards that in the book put her in opposition with her heart. She is strong and has carved out a life for herself, despite her past.
It’s well worth the read and I loved that Caldwell stretched her writing talents and through her writing made me really fall for Dare.



Beautiful Story

This book has a little of everything. A lost Lord that ran away..And then he was saved...But there is so much more in the story...The story was painful at times, and heart breaking. But in the end it was glorious...Temperance was a tremendous heroine and I loved her so much. Strong and so loving ...Dare had a will of his own and I just can't say how wonderful he was at the end. There are times he will annoy but in the end he comes around beautifully... Just a beautifully touching story.


Undressed with the Marquess


Undressed with the Marquess

For a heartbroken woman and a daring thief, the most tempting proposal comes after marriage.

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