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Another winner from Christi Caldwell

This emotion filled story from Christi Caldwell touches so many issues from both the Regency era as well as from today. Self-worth, obligation, love. What would you give up for the one you love? Miles and Phillips must both decide in this wonderful and warm tale.

-Debra Washabaugh 


Beautiful story

...The characters are so well developed and the plot is so captivating it pulls at your heart immediately. The emotional growth of each character only reinforces the well crafted writing of this very talented author. I cannot highly recommend enough Ms. Caldwell's books they will always leave your heart hopeful and most satisfied with a good story.


A beautiful heart-wrenching love story.

Christi Caldwell has done it again...she just leaves me a mess every time and To Woo a Widow is no exception...

...Phillippa has always tried to do what is expected of her, to follow the rules, to sit quietly. Her awakening as the book unfolds is truly inspiring. Determined to forge her own future...

Miles was swoon-worthy. Unlike many of Christi Caldwell’s heroes, Miles is an upstanding gentleman who is consistently kind. He stands by Phillippa and respects her choices while trying to change her mind....



Finally Phillippa

...These characters have played small roles elsewhere, but here, it is as if the action is on a stage that is rotated ever so slightly, so the old sets are still visible, but the players are dancing through a slightly different minuet, with new rhythm controlling their movements. This time, the usual adult comedy of errors unfolds, but special poignancy is added by allowing two very small girls to completely control the scenes off and on, as if the adult are mere marionettes. And perhaps, more than ever, this couple has allowed the dictates of society to rule them...

-Patricia M


Chapter 1

To Woo a Widow


To Woo A Widow

Book 10 in the Heart of a Duke Series 

Will Philippa let down her guard and allow Miles to woo a widow in desperate need of his love?

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