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...The struggle of Eleanor is so real and powerful and strong, I feel so strongly for her. Her situation is tackled with the utmost sensitivity and accuracy by the author and hats off to her for that!...

-Vipra Jena


Truth heals all

...There are no words that can truly describe this story. Christi Caldwell has written many truly amazing and beautiful stories, each one better than the last. This one though, this one is the definition of brillance. The best one yet to come. The rawness of the emotions displayed in the words she has written, make them feel so real. She has managed to draw forth tears and anger, joy and laughter. She makes you feel the heartbreak and see the beauty of true love. I am in awe. I read this book in mere hours, word for word, unable to put it down. Unable to stop and take a break, unable to see anything besides the words on the pages and the images pulled from my imagination..


Gut wrenching read

Caldwell did and excellent job of keeping me as the reader on my toes. I thought I knew where the story was headed, but Caldwell has pulled out all the stops in this story, to keep me as a reader enthralled to the end. This story as enough twist and turns to satisfy any romance reader, without the angst feeling contrived. To Trust a Rouge and Christi Caldwell, needs to be on every romance readers radar.



Christi Caldwell turn darkness into light with this second chance at love

...Trying not to give away the entire story is so hard when it comes to a tale such as this one, which teems with the full spectrum of emotions. Christi Caldwell makes this reader chew her nails to the nub and shout out about the injustices these characters are forced to reckon with. When she was an innocent eighteen year old with her whole life ahead of her, one defining moment robbed Eleanor of her happiness. Out of that horrible tragedy, comes something so beautiful...

TO TRUST A ROGUE by the phenomenal,Christi Caldwell is sheer brilliance. Ms. Caldwell turns darkness into light with this second chance at love...Having the chance to see Marcus confront that darkness makes his character all the more heroic and deserving of Eleanor. I love TO TRUST A ROGUE so much and give kudos to Christi Caldwell for tackling such a hard subject with such finesse. Bravo.

-Kimberly R (Vine Voice)


Chapter 1

To Trust a Rogue


To Trust A Rogue

Book 8 in the Heart of a Duke Series 

 As their paths continue to cross, Marcus finds his desire for Eleanor just as strong, but he learned long ago she’s not to be trusted.

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