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Scandal & heartbreak or forever lasting love?

...Can they become friends or will the situation just develop more heartache & problems? You really need to read this lighthearted and fun story to find out! Christi Caldwell has once again developed an entertaining adventure for all!

-Kindle Customer


Prepare to love this story

Scandal, intrigue, heartwarming, this story has a little of it all. Two seemingly broken hearts are fated to meet...You will be delighted in this story and so sad when you turn the last page. But be assured, Christi will have another marvelous story to be read soon!!!

-Lori Dykes


...The plot is a familiar one in romance novels, but these two characters make this story special. There is humor, and yes, antics ensue, but there is poignancy in each of their lives that explains why each is where they currently find themselves. The heat and longing between the two is lovely, and the ending near perfect. The outlying characters in the story were entertaining as well.
I have read each book in this series, and loved them all, this is no exception. I know that each can be read as a stand alone- but why miss out? Rhys was a character who had more depth that he appeared to have throughout his past appearances, and pairing him with Lady Alice was wonderful.




...Christi has a way of writing characters that you can’t help but love. Alice has so much spark and independence. She’s a heroine you will truly fall in love with right alongside her hero. As for that gentleman, no one could resist the charms of a rogue who has snowball fights with his nieces. No one.

This story is splendid. I laughed, I shrieked in outrage, I sighed in contentment, to say it moved me would be insufficient. Christi’s winter romances are always deliciously warm in all the best ways. These two sizzled and sparked from the very first page. It just got better. Witty banter, cameos by old friends, adorable antics of little girls, a scholarly and a pair of lovers determined to live life to the fullest society be damned are just a few of the many, many things that make this story so marvelous.

If you are looking for a splendid story to slip into, I highly recommend giving Rhys and Alice a chance to pull you into their world.



Chapter 1

To Tempt a Scoundrel


To Tempt A Scoundrel

Book 15 in the Heart of a Duke Series 

With every new encounter, their first impressions of one another are challenged and an unlikely friendship is forged.

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