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Bad boy turned good

LOVED this book! Daphne is sweet and spicy with a determination that is both encouraging and admiring. Montford was such a despicable character in previous books that I was skeptical how the author would spin this story. But in the end I fell in love with rake! Great book! Great series!

-Stephanie D Day


An emotional journey!

Every time I read a Christi Caldwell, I think that it can't get any better. And then it does.
This book was so powerful. Daphne is courageous and brave. She is so kind and compassionate...Daphne touched my heart. When she was retelling the story of her first season, my heart melted and I cried...
I read so many books that rarely will I go back and read one for a second time I will with this one, maybe even a third time. I will continue to be uplifted by Daphne. She is a true heroine, a better person than most.
Thank you Christi Caldwell for writing such a beautiful book. I loved it.

-Terri Donaldson


At the moment I have no words. This story brought me to tears, it made me laugh and yell. The pain, the sadness, the anger and the love are strong throughout the whole book, the reader can't help but feel each emotion deep with in their soul.

Christi Caldwell has done it again and again. She writes of broken hero's and heroines and this story is no different. ...

From beginning to end you will be enraptured, captivated, and intrigued. As each word is read you'll be left craving and needing more. The main characters are beautiful, well written, thoroughly broken. Most of the secondary characters are brought forward from previous books and are just as loveable as before. There are few new that are enjoyable as well as those select ones that leave you wanted to rip their hearts out.

Another highly recommended, must read novel by Mrs. Caldwell. If you are new to this author make sure you check out all of her previous works as they will leave you addicted and craving more.



An Emotional and Deeply Moving Read

Ms. Caldwell is known for her deeply moving stories of imperfect people trying to make their way in an often unforgiving world. To Redeem a Rake is an emotional and heartfelt book about two broken and beat down souls who find a second chance and a new lease on life with each other.

Daphne has never had it easy. A child of a improved family, she grew up always fighting for her way in this world...But no the matter the pain Daphne suffers she refuses to give in or to give up...

Daniel has lead a less then proper life. He has only lived for selfish pursuit and had no desire in forming any real relationships with anyone. He only used people for what he could gain from them...Daniel is a hard man to like, but Ms. Caldwell weaves her magic and will have a reader not only find a hero they can love but root for.

You will fall in love with the journey of Daniel and Daphne as they try to crawl their way back to each other and a love that will heal two broken souls.



Chapter 1

To Redeem a Rake


To Redeem A Rake

Book 11 in the Heart of a Duke Series

He’s spent years scandalizing society. 
Now, this rake must change his ways

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