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I just love the amazing series Heart of a Duke every book... just awesome and unforgettable they leave you wanting more and waiting for the next book in the series.
... just simply amazing. I couldn't put it down 'till I was done, I needed to find out what was going to happen to this beautiful couple...

Just a amazing book don't miss out on this beautiful love story.

-Sharon C


Two People who felt unworthy of love find each other.

It's a wonderful story about two people who didn't feel worthy of love and found it in each other. The road to that realization was a bit rocky, but then anything that's so valuable is worth that journey.



Love Conquers all

Christi manages to write multi-dimensional characters who are not perfect but are real. They have problems and struggle to get over them. They don't recognize that they each are deserving of the love that the other has to give.

Diane D



Afraid to Love

Mrs. Jane Munroe is in a panic, if she doesn't have a job she will have to live on the streets. Dismissed from her teaching job, she takes a letter on the headmistress' desk from the Marques of Waverly asking for a companion for his sister. At first Gabriel doesn't think she will do, but Jane won't take no for an answer. With his sister's consent, she stays, and starts to break down the barriers around his heart. Though he cannot deny the physical attraction, his fear of caring for someone else holds him back. Is Jane strong enough to change his mind? Caldwell delivers a great read.



To Love a Lord

This 5th book in the Heart of a Duke series by Christi Caldwell is just as entertaining as the 1st. And even though it is part of a series it can be read as a stand-alone. Christi has the awesome ability to take a wounded soul (or souls) & bring them happiness in a believable story. You won’t be disappointed in this story…you’ll be laughing, crying & wanting to smack some heads together to knock since into both the hero & heroine. This is a story you won’t want to miss!!!!

Dee Foster


Chapter 1


To Love a Lord


To Love a Lord

Heart of a Duke Book 5

As Gabriel and Jane confront the truth of their feelings, the lies and secrets between them begin to unravel. And Jane is left to decide whether or not it is ever truly safe to love a lord.

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