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Can't put down

This book will drag you in and make you forget everything else around you! It captivâtes you from beginning to end. 

-Emily Evans



A PERFECT Regency! Single minded, mean father. Cold and distant mother. A whole family of half siblings. How can it get better? The father’s unforgivable actions! What a exquisite read!

-Meri Overstreet


First love never dies

...This is what sets Christi apart from other regency writers, she tackles difficult subject matters with solid writing, her characters have depth and you genuinely feel for them. She cleverly mixes drama and comedy throughout her books...I highly recommend this book.

-LCWilson (Vine Voice)


The characters were well-written and easy to love. There were a few heart breaking moments, but also many laughs. I love how the characters are intertwined and how well the background story was incorporated. 




This was such an amazing story. Very heart warming and endearing. Another great story by Christi and so enjoyable. Loved the way it began...DON'T MISS READING THIS BOOK.

-Katherine Sterling



...I devoured this book and am anxious to read the next. Like a tv show binge-a-thin, I am happily hooked!

-J Jones

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To Hold a Lady's Secret


To Hold A Lady's Secret

Book 16 in the Heart of a Duke Series

The ruthless logic of the street tells Colin that he dare not help Gillian, while his tender heart tempts him to once again risk everything for the only woman he’ll ever love. 

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