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Another Good Story

First , let me say, I love Caldwell books...she manages to write book after book that still piques my interest and delivers characters that make me care that they find love together...I know Caldwell works hard to make all her stories different and interesting, and I'm never disappointed with her books.

-P Jolly


Loved it

Nick is blinded by grief and a thirst for revenge...Nick can see something real growing between them, but his anger and hurt have been festering for so long that it's all he can see.

-Gwen (Vine Voice)

My Favorite...

I'm just not sure where to begin the review of this fabulous book. I started the book on Sunday and finished it on Sunday. Forget the laundry, housework and other weekend chores. From the first words on the first page, I was drawn in. Nothing could keep me from reading to The End.
This is the story of Nick, who is set on revenge, and Justina, who's family members will be the recipients of the revenge,
My heart actually raced during some of the scenes. I cried at least twice. When is the last time a book summoned those kind of emotions? I can't remember a time.
Where Nick is dark and ruthless, Justina is light and hope. Their's is a story that will stay with me for a long time.
Christi Caldwell is one of today's best and beloved authors...

-Terri Donaldson



The book starts with a bang. As a reader you are shocked, upset, enchanted, disgusted, angry, in Love, sad, frustrated, and of course completely in love. Justina isn't a weak girl. She is strong. I love a strong heroine who can still handle a Alpha male (my favorite ones). The Duke is Strong with a past. One of my favorite aspects of Christi's books is no character is perfect. They have real flaws. Some are huge! But she weaves a perfect storyline with a few questions left for the reader. I enjoy the books stand alone but if you love families they are often from other books. I enjoy books with great families so we can visit favorite characters again and again. I love the plot and hope you do too. I encourage you to buy this book and all of Christi's books. 

-Margie Books


Chapter 1

To Enchant a Wicked Duke


To Enchant A Wicked Duke

Book 13 in the Heart of a Duke Series 

As Nick's plans begins to unravel, he's left to determine which is more important--Justina's love or his vow for vengeance. But can Justina ever forgive the duke who deceived her?

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