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I'm a Christi Caldwell fan

I love historical romances. Read them voraciously. Christi Caldwell is a excellent choice.
Marcia and Andrew’s story is touching, emotional and beautiful.

-Judith Brosz


Family, sorrow and love

...I enjoyed the story and the characters. I felt sorry for their struggles even when I wanted to shake some sense into them. Andrew and Marcia had so many ups and downs. It was understandable, but hard to see the damage caused by the awful villains. I really enjoyed the humor throughout the book...



So, so good...

This may well be the best Christi Caldwell book I have ever read. The characters are complex, much of the dialogue is good, there's a few touches of humor, and there's considerable growth from all...


Friends to lovers

...This story follows the turmoil and challenges that face these young, innocent people. Marcia is a strong, confident young woman who is devastated by the reality of her birth, but her strength moves her forward. Andrew just doesn’t think much of himself and believes he can only be the rake that he is, until he doesn’t. I just can’t tell you how heartbreaking and how wonderful this story is. The supporting cast will capture your heart too because they are the best kind of relatives and friends. The villain is horrible and I can’t wait for him to get what he deserves…soon I hope!



Roller coaster

Marcia and Andrews story is the perfect addition to the Heart of a Duke series. Marcia’s life and reputation are turned upside down on her wedding day of all days! If Marcia’s reputation is ruined, she might as well have some fun and explore the nightlife of of London Society, right? Well, maybe not if Andrew, Viscount Waters has anything to say about it. He might not be interested in marrying his long-time friend but he won’t let her embark on her crazy plan alone. Come along on this crazy ride and see if the Heart of the Duke necklace can work it’s magic one more time.



Another Keeper

Well written with just enough spice and undercurrents of mystery and danger to keep you reading from start to end. Then it leaves you wanting even more!

-Pauline Walton



To Catch a Viscount


To Catch A Viscount

Book 17 in the Heart of a Duke Series

When they push the boundaries too far, Marcia and Andrew must determine whether old secrets will keep them apart, or newfound love can forge a path back to a respectable, shared future.

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