A Must Read

This trilogy is so entertaining and you love each heroine and hero! Can a object bring a curse on a family? Theodosia thinks so and vows to bring it back where it belongs! The story is fun and heart warming as are the other two included!


5 Stars 

Enough laughter to keep my smiling and enough romance to make me sigh...

-Kathy J Roberts


Terrific Read

For generations there has been a bitter fued between them (the Rayne and Renshaw families), until a chance meeting opens the eyes and hearts of members of these families to see beyond the past to a future filled with love. But can their love survive the years of bitterness that blinds their families to the truth and happiness that can be had, when you let go of the past and live in the present. Caldwell has woven three fantastic stories with unforgettable characters that will keep you turning the pages! I didn’t want it to end, and hope that there will be more tales in the stories as there are other characters that are interesting and should have a happy ending too! I loved it!



Beautiful Set

Only for His Lady

Each meeting between Theo and Damian is more entertaining than the last and provides an insight into what fuels the family feud. As the battle continues for the right of ownership will truths come to light or will the past prove to be too difficult to overcome even in the face of love?

Only for Her Honor

Captain Lucas Rayne is a bear of a man. His disposition has run staff away and made his family wary. Fighting internal and external scars Lucas prefers a solitary life. Until one woman enters who refuses to be cowed. Will this woman bring Lucas back to the land of the living or push him further away when he learns her secrets?

-Dee Foster

The Theodosia Sword: Books 1-3


The Theodosia Sword: Books 1 3

A curse. A feud. And the only thing that can vanquish darkness–love. In this the Theodosia Sword Collection, the Rayne and Renshaw families battle loss, struggle, and strife, in the fight for their happily ever afters

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