Victoria and Nathaniel

As Caldwell continues to weave her broken universe into ever more connected stories, she has taken characters from her older Brethren of the Lords world and melded them seamlessly into the Heart of a Duke world. Each character maintains his or her unique characteristics that identify them without a doubt.

-Tracy DeNeal


A second chance at rediscovering first love

Christi Caldwell is one of the most talented Regency romance writers today. As she uses her gift with words to masterfully pen vivid portraits of the past you can’t help but find yourself swept into her world. In her newest masterpiece, The Spy Who Seduced Her, you find yourself captivated by Victoria and Nathaniel, in their journey to finding a second chance at a love of a life time.



A Rekindled Love for Two Desperately Needing Souls

Christi Caldwell continues to amaze me with her writing. From beginning to end this story had me wrapped up with so much emotion, it leaped off the pages. I cried, laughed, cried some more, and know I'm just soaking in the "brilliantness".


A must read

Christi Caldwell writes a magical story of two lovers reunited after losing each other many years ago. Each wounded by the lives they have been forced to live. I truly loved how she brought these two people back together and allowed them to find love again under trying circumstances. Sometimes life gets in the way of true love but Christi reminds us that you are never to old to start anew. There are many other twists and turns in this adventure that are not revealed in this review... I highly recommend this book!



...even if one of my favorite author writes one.

I'm not one for historical spy romances, in fact I normally wholeheartedly avoid them, even if one my favorite authors writes one, I would normally just skip that book. But there was something about The Spy Who Seduced Her, that I just had to read! I don't know if it was the fact that the main characters were older? Or if it was because of the second chance love story, all I know is that I had to read it...I truly loved the character's in this book, Nathaniel, with his PTSD flashbacks and his aloof investigators persona. And Victoria, with her motherly determination to protect her children. It was so nice to read a story about a couple in their 40's getting a second chance at love.

So another superb story from Christi Caldwell, and yet again, she has made me push past my book boundaries, and has "forced" me to fall in love with another one of her stories.

I give The Spy Who Seduced Her 5 stars!

-Cara Ross


Chapter 1

The Spy Who Seduced Her


The Spy Who Seduced Her

Book 1 in the Brethren Series

Secrets will be uncovered and passions rekindled.  Victoria and Nathaniel must trust one another if they hope to start anew—in love and life. But will duty destroy their last chance?

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