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If you like smart heroines and delicious heroes, make this your next read.

-Sarah MacLean, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author


Another Glorious Read

Caldwell’s books are full of intrigue, passion and sound lessons on life. I have fully enjoyed this series and regret that this is the last book to read. All of the characters are well developed and memorable. The villains are detestable, the heroines are fully human and admirable and the hero are so human and teachable. I will keep coming back for more.

I love a a good romance. And, one that leaves me with the sense of a job well done is even better.

-Theresa G Feeley



With every book you tell a story that touches us in some way. We feel for the characters almost as if they are a part of us. I start one of your books and a war starts inside of me, I want to finish it to see what happens but I also hate to finish it because then I must leave their story. Again thanks so much Christi for a wonderful book. Loved this story..



Christi Caldwell is a master storyteller. Clara is a courtesan seeking a new path on life. She wants independence and to be free of what she sees as the vagaries of men. One act of kindness will forever change her life. Henry is a pompous Lord and MP focused on his goals. He has left no time in his life for a relationship or marriage. In his time of need he is saved by an Angel and his worldview is upended.

This author loves to write about the ordinary man or woman who is struggling to change their circumstances. This story brings together two people who are completely different backgrounds but hold the power to make each other change for the better. Clara is fierce and fiery. She is passionate in everything she does. Henry doesn’t stand a Chance in her presence. Despite all the forces working against their union they still fight for true love.



Saving the Priggish Lord

This book is another masterpiece by Christi Caldwell! Her stories are riveting; intensely graphic and descriptive with characters so muti-dimensional that the reader must peel away layer after layer to see who they truly are. This series takes place in the slums of London, where evil reigns and survival requires an amazingly strong woman such as our heroine and “Spitfire”, Clara. She rescues Henry, the Earl of Waterson, from sure death off the streets of East London, and shows him what’s really important in life, while he teaches her the value of her’s.

A beautifully written love story. It was so touching to see how the author brought the words said by one of them back into the other’s remembrance later on in the story. Great job! A must read!

Catherine Burhans

The Spitfire


The Spitfire

Henry’s political aims put him at odds with Clara’s artistic ones—and their newfound admiration for one another is put to the test. Can these two quite opposite individuals find a way to achieve all their goals?

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