Everyone deserves love

Another fabulous story by Christi, as always she leaves you wanting more. Her characters are real, flawed and lovable. Although this is book 5 in the Bretheren series anyone can pick this up and enjoy. Cannot recommend it enough.



Buckeet List to Love

This book had me smiling from the beginning and then laughing .Christi has written many books and series that you will fall in love with and add to your collection and this book will be one that you can't help but re-read over and over . 

-Anna Katherine

New Beginnings 

 I love stories of redemption and new beginnings for Christi’s characters and this story engrossed me from beginning to end. I could not of dreamt a more perfect match for Lathan than Francesca. She endears you right from the beginning and I love how she breaks through Lathan’s reticence and self loathing over his past mistakes. I love how Lathan brings Francesca out of her shell and brings out her best self. They complement each other so well and I see no two deserving of a happily ever after more than these two.



Francesca Meets Her Match

Miss Francesca Cornworthy with her incessant chatter has always been a fan favorite of mine. Her pairing with Lathan Holman was inspired!

He needed her exuberant spirit to heal him of his self loathing brought on by an error in judgment and trusting nature. I loved everything about their story.

Christi Caldwell’s amazing wit is evident throughout this story. I found myself chuckling and laughing out loud. A perfect read for a lazy holiday weekend!

You won’t be disappointed with this story. It’s a keeper!

-Tracy DeNeal


Surpasses Her Previous Works

Christi Caldwell writes stories that draw you into the lives and hearts of her characters. Her books take on a life of their own, her heroes and heroines so intimately drawn as to feel like people you truly know. Francesca and Lathan are so REAL, so finely sketched, I wept and laughed along with them in their journey toward love. Their story is the finest example of romantic love I think I have ever read.

-Wine Country Momma



The Spinster Who Saved a Scoundrel


The Spinster Who Saved A Scoundrel

Book 5 in the Brethren Series

A clever spinster is matched with a traitor to the Crown.

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