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“A Scoundrel’s Honor has left me not only breathless but also more in love with this series than ever before.”

-Cara's Book Boudoir


“Compelling and endearing…A great read.”

-The Romance Dish


Fast-paced, emotionally charged, intriguing, suspenseful, with mystery, and adventure, Christi Caldwell has a way with her stories that draws readers in and holds them spellbound throughout.” 

-My Book Addiction Reviews


“Christi Caldwell is an amazing writer and she should be at the top of your must-read list.”

-The Reading Wench


Never a dull moment, and the excitement kept me captivated from beginning to end.”

Buried Under Romance

10 Stars and more!!

There were several times in the book that I cried. Rarely, does such emotion come over me as I read a book. Christi Caldwell captures so much with her written word. I never want her stories to end, but when they do, I want them to end happily. I always want to know if there is a happily ever after and if so, what that is. I want to know what the next 10, 20 and more years looks like for characters. This book is no exception.
I say it at the end of everyone of my reviews of Ms. Caldwell's book. This is my favorite least until the next one is written and read.

-Terri Donaldson


My Musings

The Scoundrel’s Honor is an exciting read from the first page to the last. It has adventure, lots of suspense, great characters, and most of all, a wonderful love story. It’s fast-paced without feeling rushed. Ms. Caldwell gives the reader a lovely glimpse of the Regency period. Her descriptive writing is excellent, yet still leaves something to the imagination of the reader.

If you enjoy becoming lost in the Regency era, and want a romance that will pull at your heart-strings, and with plenty of action, then you will love The Scoundrel’s Honor. The title truly suits this story. Happy reading!

The Reader Lady


Chapter 1

The Scoundrel's Honor


The Scoundrel's Honor

A noblewoman risks her reputation—and her heart—on London’s most notorious gaming proprietor.

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