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Loved it!

Truly great read, not to be missed. What a truly emotional read and I loved it.. Indulge & Be Truly Delighted !!

-M MacDonald


They Rescued Each Other

The danger is real and once they all come to London everything reaches the boiling point.
If you want a book where you can laugh and cry and love every minute of it - this is the book for you. Christi Caldwell is the master of characters and emotions and providing amazing Happily Ever Afters.

-Diane D


Another Excellent Story By Mrs. Caldwell

I could not put this book down. Be sure to have tissues handy while reading this story.
I highly recommend this book.


-Mary Smith

Promise Not Kept...

As with all Christi Caldwell books and series you just can't read for a little while, you have to literally sit and read till you finish the book she has you gripped at the very first chapter wanting to know if what is happening and wanting to know if what you think will happen does but by the end you will be crying, then cheering, then wanting to knock the villain to pieces...

I really love the way Christi writes her books it's like you are there going along with the characters she takes you back to that time and place and you can really feel the weather, the sadness, joy and happiness of those characters. This is why I love to read to be able to leave my troubles, behind to feel the emotions that each book brings and what they give me in the priceless. The love of books and the authors that write them.

-Anna Katherine


Another Great Read

The Rogue who Rescued Her was another emotional read from Christi Caldwell! Marthe was a woman who had big dreams outside her small town upbringing. When she was promised the world, she jumped at the chance only to have her life ruined...

Marthe was a character you meet in passing in another story, I honestly didn't give much thought to her and was not overly excited to read her story. Christi, of course, proved me wrong and I really enjoyed this story of a Women who have lost faith in everything, finally finds a reason to live and love again... Her story is heartbreaking and you feel for the cruelty life has thrown her way.



Two Souls Rescued, Two Hearts Won

This newest release by Christi Caldwell has it all, from spies, kidnapping and attempted blackmail to bigamy, secrets, scandal and love. Her talent never ceases to amaze. With the creation of her wonderful characters, we see the imperfections and unique qualities that truly make them believable and remarkable. They remain alive in our minds (and yes, our hearts) long after the final page. I couldn’t get enough of these characters and can’t wait to see what’s next.



Chapter 1

The Rogue Who Rescued Her


The Rogue Who Rescued Her

 Book 3 in the Brethren Series

As the secrets between them begin to unravel, Martha’s trust is shattered, and Graham is left with the most vital mission he’ll ever face—winning Martha’s heart.

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