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Charming Story

This is a truly charming book. Caldwell is an instant purchase for me...I thought this story was lovely. It reminded me of the old Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy movies. Witty banter, heart wrenching moments and quite a bit of steamy romance...Bravo Ms Caldwell! Another one out of the park.



Entertaining Delight

Interesting and wonderful story about falling in love with a laughable and funny story. Thank you Christi for making this story which entertained me for a fun filled few days. CONTINUE YOUR WRITING.



Beautiful Strong Heroine and Hero

Another wonderful book with intricate, beautifully complex characters. I especially love the strength and forthrightness of Josephine. You will cheer for and cry right along with her. I love the scenes between Duncan and his daughter...I am drawn to the scarred, dark characters Christi creates. Highly recommend this book - Christi’s stories never disappoint!


Simply Marvelous

The Minx Who Met Her Match, book 4 of Christi Caldwell’s Brethren series, is the delightful tale of Josephine Pratt and Duncan Everleigh. As with all of Caldwell’s stories the characters drive the story and these two characters have quite the story to tell. Josephine is not only the youngest of the Pratt’s, she is the only girl. She grew up helping her brothers with the books and studies, but they fail to see her as a capable young woman. Duncan Everleigh, brought his daughter to London, to fight for the people who every one else believes guilty, when perhaps they are not...When these two meet, sparks fly! Each has their eyes opened to what lies between, but will the secrets they keep, ruin the budding relationship growing between them! I loved this book and these strong and courageous characters!



Refreshing and unique

“You’re mad”, he whispered. “Well, you’re rude”, she replied. This is the way it all began for Duncan and Josephine. Absolutely loved the banter between these two. And then mix in his amazing young daughter. So very refreshing, not the usual nobleman and lady.

After a broken engagement, Josephine decides marriage is not in her future. She only wishes to pursue her love of the law that grew while reading her brother’s law books. Duncan is a mere barrister...As a result of his past struggles, he’s determined to prove himself as a successful barrister and providing a life for him and his young daughter. In the process he develops a kind and caring heart for those less fortunate who require a champion for their voices. When they meet... sparks fly and feelings grow. A page turner from the start, this captivating story has the reader laughing, crying, and cheering for these wonderful characters til the very end.

Wow! Christi Caldwell never ceases to amaze with her magical storytelling! I’ve read each and every book she’s written, and they still keep coming, just as brilliant as ever.




The Minx Who Met Her Match



The Brethren Book 4

Duncan and Josephine, two people who have vowed to never love again, find the protective walls they’ve each built, crumbling. When past secrets threaten to destroy their future, they’ll have to decide if love is enough.

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