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A Powerful Love Story

This story was simply excellent and so full of emotion. Few books have brought me to tears, but this one definitely did.

-Laurie J. Chapman


Wonderful, emotional, terrific!

I truly don't know how Christi Caldwell keeps writing these wonderful, emotional books. I have read and loved each of her books, but this one will always own a special piece of my heart.
From the first words, I felt all of Genevieve's pain. I understood Cedric's way of life immediately. Each of them made me wince in pain, shed tears, laugh and rejoice. These have to be two of my favorite Christi Caldwell characters. We have met them briefly in her other publications, but now we get their story.
It's probably one of my favorite things about Christi's books that she weaves her characters in and out, but eventually, we do learn their stories.
I highly recommend this wonderful book!

-Terri Donaldson

A love story you will want to read again

Christi Caldwell brings together a pair of lovers who have each survived their harsh parents...there is something different about Genevieve than all the other women that Cedric has bedded. She loves books. She enjoys sketching in her often present pad. She is not obsessed with fashion and jewels and gossip. She is intelligent and stands up for herself. Yes, she is a lady worth getting to know.

One thing I enjoy about Caldwell's writing is that her descriptions are full but not excessive. They bring richness to the story and make you feel as if you are there. Characters are fleshed out and the plot has good pacing. I felt many emotions as I read this love story and needed several tissues to dry my tears toward the later part of the book. Will probably read this one again in the future. ...highly recommend it.

-Clyde J.


Today I read a beautiful yet heart breaking story

...This is a Christi Caldwell creation that will have you shedding emotion at every word. She will make you laugh with joy, weep with sorrow, rage with anger, and shine with love with every turn of the page. Christi has a way with words. She has a unique talent that allows her first word to captivate your undivided attention and cause the rest of the world to disappear until you reach that last one.

A must read for all historical romance lovers. A must read for any one who has ever been belittled and bullied because through each word, each page, each chapter you will see that no matter how little some one else thinks of you, as long as you believe in yourself that is all that matters and you will rise above.



The Meeting

The Lure of a Rake


The Lure Of A Rake

Book 9 in the Heart of a Duke Series

 Now, it’s up to Cedric to prove to Genevieve that the love of a man is far more powerful than the lure of a rake.

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