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Scorchingly Innocent

Christi Caldwell has that extraordinary ability to write hot, steamy, seduction without so much as a misplaced hand on a nipple in this third book of the series. In fact, I was five minutes past a breathless ending before I realised there had been no sex but bucket loads of intimacy. This is a master lesson on how to write a scandal.



Once again...

...Once again Christi Caldwell blows me away with her beautifully moving story, which literally moved me to tears. The writing is flawless and smooth story and it lacks for nothing. So with all that being said, I give The Love of a Rogue 10 out of 10.

-Kara Ross


Another winner from Christi Caldwell

This book was magical and a joy to read. I loved both Imogene and Alex and their chemistry was off the charts! They are two hurt souls who bring out each others inner strength and teach each other what it means to really love.

This is a must read book and part of The Heart of a Duke Series. While this is a stand alone, I highly recommend reading the entire series.



This book by Ms. Christi Caldwell didn’t really seem like a novella and was just such a joy to read! I enjoy Ms. Caldwell’s storytelling, the high sexual tension between the leads and her characters which are written in such a way that they seem almost real! So this book didn’t have a lot of hot steamy sex which it really didn’t need it...the heat between the hero and heroine was still pretty hot all by itself! I really liked this story despite not even reading the others in the series. The book doesn’t even have to be read in order without understanding the story and can be read as a standalone...



Imogen is another strong delightful character I rooted for!

Oh how I love this series and hooray, another winner! Christi writes such great characters and I am especially fond of her heroines, her ladies. Imogene is no exception. From the start you have to root for her! ...Of course Christi once again allows you insight into both characters and their feelings, emotions, how they work through their conflicts, their "stubbornness", their pain. And my addition here, Christi does it without being maudlin, she writes it very humanly, believably. Without a doubt I like the intelligence of Christi's heroines but I also like the intelligence of her heroes. She doesnt resort to allowing anger to rule all the decisions, she allows her heroes to think things through and you get to understand their reasoning...and finally, Imogene stays true to who she is...I loved this book. Another aside, this series is proving to be one of the best I have read...



Charming story of friendship and love forever!

Caldwell writes a passionate story of love in bloom. She gives wonderful character sketches- so complete that you feel like these are the neighbors you have grown up near. The story of Lord Alex and Lady Chloe are laid out gently, and with such compassion that it lays the reader's emotions raw. We all recognize child abuse. It's powerful for Christy Caldwell to write about these topics - weaving them into her storyline, painting it's effect as a flaw in her hero that he needs to overcome. These abuses obviously went on long before we called them abusive- and to have it recognized in her Regencies, is such a great thing to do. I thoroughly enjoyed her book, and read it cover to cover before putting it down. Can't wait to read the next one!!



Chapter 1

The Love of a Rogue


The Love Of A Rogue

Book 3 in the Heart of a Duke Series 

Alex and Imogen are thrown together, passions flare and Alex comes to find he not only wants Imogen in his bed, but also in his heart. Yet now he must convince Imogen to risk all, on the heart of a rogue.

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