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A Fight He was Bound to Lose

 I found myself totally focused on their journeys of enlightenment and finally the realization that life just might be better with someone to share it. Really, really liked this one a lot!!



Mrs Caldwell Does it again!!

Christi Caldwell is an amazing writer whose characters are so real that they jump right off the page and become a part of your life. I have never been disappointed in any title that I have read of Caldwell's, and this book is no different. In fact, she surpassed my expectations.

-Tiffany Carden


What a truly amazing book of two lonely hearts coming together to mend.

Another amazing book ... this book had me in tears and on a Rollercoaster of emotions...This series is becoming my favorite series...The Sinful Brides Series brings two worlds together that are very different and rarely come together. 


Niall and Diana

What a wonderful story! Christi Caldwell presents us with a most unlikely pairing in The Lady's Guard, Book 3 of the Sinful Brides series. This is seemingly, the most mismatched couple to date in the Caldwell universe. These two people should never have met. Their paths should have never crossed. They have nothing in common on the surface.

The angst level was high in this story. Due to the subject matter and setting, our characters experienced most of their feelings internally and in isolation a great deal of the time.

Caldwell skillfully moves them out of their heads by creatively telescoping their growing feelings for one another in such a way that their attraction becomes apparent to even the casual observer. This story speaks to the tortured lonely soul. Appearances are often deceiving. The old saying, “you can't judge a book by its cover,” is most apropos here.

I look forward to the next books in this series! I highly recommend this book!

-Tracy DeNeal


Oh my goodness! This book was freakin' fantastic!

...This book blew all of the other historical romances I've read this year--and loved--out of the water. I was honestly stunned by how much I enjoyed this story. I laughed so loud that I'm sure everyone in the house heard me. And I had to fan myself several times. I was on the edge of my seat for most of the book. It was just fabulous...

There was a lot of humor here, even in places I was least expecting it. ...watching them argue lent to such great sexual tension. I was nearly climbing the walls with anxiety, waiting for them to give in to their undeniable chemistry. Yum.

I think one thing that impressed me the most here was the dialogue. It was witty and engaging. The banter between the couple was intelligent and entertaining. Our hero did act like the tough and burly man he was and our heroine was no timid or passive lady. This might be my favorite couple of the year. If nothing else, they're at least in the top three.

In closing...
I can't wait to jump into the next book and go back and read the previous books too. Five absolutely stunning suns!

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Chapter 1

The Lady's Guard


The Lady's Guard 

 A kingpin of London’s underbelly risks his heart on the woman he’s hired to protect.

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