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When two wounded souls meet...

Beautiful romance of two damaged souls who learn to be whole again by loving each other!! Thank you Ms Caldwell!!

-Animal Lover


I loved this series

I liked the characters...I liked the humor, romance, and the struggle that both Leo and Chloe have with their abusive pasts..



Page turner, a bit of language

Ms. Caldwell is one of those authors that I always buy because I know I'll love it. This was no exception! Such a unique plot line and love how strong Chloe was as a heroine. None of the typical ninnyheadness you can often expect from female leads!

It was a real page turner, so it made for a quick read- you won't want to put it down! An intellectual read too, trying to keep track of all the political spy goings-ons!

-SK Studios

A Story of healing and redemption that will stay with you long after you have finished reading.

Sometimes an author writes a book that is so special it eclipses everything that author has written. The Lady Who Loved Him is that book for Christi Caldwell. Leo and Chloe's story is haunting, real, heartbreaking and beautiful. I was lost in their story the whole time and their moments were so raw and intimate that I felt like an intruder in their story.

Chole and Leo were people who suffered so much and pain, abuse and hurt in their life. Their past had left them so broken that it was easy for them to assume a different identity in order to not deal with their pain and to just survive...this book made my heart hurt for these characters and I shed a few tears for the horrible pain these characters went through. There was so many time I wanted to jump into the book and just hug both Leo and Chloe and tell them that it will be all okay and that they will make it...

A story for healing and redemption that will stay with you long after you finish reading.




...she has never disappointed me in anything she has written.
A magician with words, she weaves tails, and invites you in,to live and breath her world.

I adore these characters...This is an exceptional book , written with thought and consideration for the characters pasts and their families trying to deal with all the baggage.

Its wonderfully thought out, and if you’ve read the Heart Of a Duke series you will be able to trace Chloe and Leo’s characters and development from the beginning .



Best Christi Caldwell Book Yet!

Christi Caldwell does an amazing job if writing broken/ damaged character and she has certainly outdone herself with this book. Both Leo and Chloe have physical and emotional scars from abusive fathers - these affect everything they do. Leo has taken on a role of a rake for his work with the Home Office but this life has grown to be his whole existence. Chloe has vowed to never marry but has found that there are very few options for a single woman.

When fate accidentally brings them together their lives are changed forever...Though they never planned it - they each are able to help the other heal and in the process they get the Happily Ever After they both deserve.

-Diane D


Chapter 1

The Lady Who Loved Him


The Lady Who Loved Him

Book 2 in the Brethren Series

Society’s most wicked rake meets his match in the clever Lady Chloe Edgerton! And nothing will ever be the same! 

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