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This is another fabulous book by Christi. There is drama, humor and all the things that keep you reading. The characters are well developed, interesting, engaging and entertaining. I look forward to Landon' s happy ever after.

-Unknown Kindle Customer



Loved Charles and Emma. The men against the women was funny, serious and so entertaining. A definite must read.

-Unkown Kindle Customer


Great addition to the Wantons of Waverton

I loved this couple and didn't want to put it down which led to one of those stay up until I finish this book kind of nights. It was very entertaining! All the characters were wonderful and I am looking forward to more books in this series.

Susan Terral

A must read

Another great story highlighting the strong, courageous, a-little-bit-wild young heroine we have come to love and admire in so many of Christi Caldwell’s works. And then, there’s the totally likable hero, handsome, surrounded by layers of secrets, hiding from polite society the true honorable man under the facade he has projected. Beautiful love story with woven emotions of remembrance, regret, discovery, trust, passion, tenderness and love. Many memorable and touching moments in this wonderful book.



Childhood betrothal at its best

Caldwell's characters always have so many different layers. I enjoy peeling each one of those back and finding the true person inside. Caldwell reminds us that what is on the surface is not always what is in the heart. I encourage you to look closely at Emma and Charles, you won't be disappointed.

Tiffany Carden

The Importance of Being Wanton


The Importance of Being Wanton

Polite London society gets turned on its head in a delightful romance of unguarded hearts, second chances, and a scandalous rivalry between the sexes.

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