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fantastic series!

The characters are varied, fascinating plots, and delectable love affairs. I highly recommend all of these in this series ....they're "unputdownable."

I am looking forward to reading more of Ms Caldwell's books.



Another wonderful book

...this is a book that I would read more than once, and as a former librarian of 16 years, that is high praise indeed. This book is highly recommended.

-Elizabeth Wentworth


Second Chances

Christi Caldwell continues to amaze with the depth of feelings that she puts into her stories. My heart broke for the child that Callum was and all he lost plus his feelings of betrayal. Ms. Caldwell had my heart racing with Eve’s flight and desperation to stay hidden. Another well done story Ms. Caldwell!

Dee Foster

Love is for all

Christi Caldwell has done it again! Not only does she tell an amazing story but it brought me to tears - first because it was so sad and then because it turned out so happy...

Christi Caldwell never disappoints... While all the books in this series are good this one is more touching because the hero is more open to love.

-Diane D


Eve and Callum Reunited

This story is engrossing from start to finish and I particularly liked the fact that the characters weren't wildly beautiful or handsome and they had to prove their mettle with real jobs. Although I do find it a little amazing that Eve didn't like math but ended up keeping the books because she had that responsibility when her father was taken ill. I also enjoyed the directness of Eve's speech and how endearing it was when Calum actually listened to her. The interplay between Eve and Calum made for great reading and the author has probably made it impossible for me to enjoy reading about characters who are more mundane Victorian ladies and gentlemen. Heroes with a dark past and a soft touch and heroines who are resourceful make for enthralling reading and I highly recommend this book!

Sharon U


Chapter 1


The Heiress's Deception


The Heiress's Deception

As Calum becomes increasingly taken with the strangely haunting beauty, he looks forward to exposing her mysteries. But when her masquerade is revealed, it’s left to Eve to prove that her desire for him is no deception.

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