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Rutland and Phoebe

...I love this book so much that I've read it multiple times...

It is my assertion that the antagonist in a well-written novel possesses, in many cases, more layers and more complexity than the protagonist. A skilled wordsmith will reveal those layers with finesse. This is exactly the case with Rutland.

Christi presents him to us as he is. He is a scary and powerful peer of the realm. He wields his power ruthlessly. People quake and stammer in his presence. At the same time, the author slowly peels back the layers and gives us the person underneath.

Enter our heroine, Miss Phoebe Barrett. A more unlikely pairing, you might never meet. Darkness meets light and light prevails. Christi excels in the art of taking broken, seemingly unredeemable characters and bringing them into the light. Rutland doesn't lose any of his power in the process. He simply becomes more.

...Rutland is my personal favorite hero in Christi Caldwell's Regency HOAD world. I highly recommend this novel to all Regency readers. You will not be disappointed.

-Tracy DeNeal

The Heart of a Scoundrel

One of the most important goals of an author is to create characters that you will remember. Christi Caldwell has definitely done this with Edmund Deering, Marquess of Rutland. He is deplorable, detestable, loathsome, vile, manipulative, and every other derogatory word for a man. The many stories he is in, you learn to literally HATE him. And, then, we are introduced to Phoebe Barrett. The light to his dark. The innocent to his guilt. The honest to his lies.
What we receive is a chance to see if Lord Rutland can be redeemed.
Thank you, Christi!!!!



Hope for a Black Marquess

Christi Caldwell is known for her broken heroes/heroines and her stories are usually light. This time she has taken a step further and enters the dark side of a broken hero, a hero so far gone most would think he was beyond redemption. Christi has created a character that you want to hate and despise and smack silly most of the time and a heroine full of hope, desire to see the good in every one and a love so deep that could make any man want to change. Christi has always stayed true to her characters and once again she has accomplished the impossible. She shows the dark heart of Rutland that makes him so unlikable but at the same time she shows the true depth of the pain within his heart...Christi has the uncanny ability to make her readers love and hope for redemption for her characters no matter how broken or dark or unforgivable their behavior may seem. Her heroines are usually just as broken and relatable as her heroes, and Phoebe follows that code. As scandalous as her father may be and as horrid as the gossips have been towards her, it doesn’t hold her back and make her any less loveable.



Chapter 1

The Heart of a Scoundrel


The Heart Of A Scoundrel

Book 6 in the Heart of a Duke Series

After he was publically humiliated by his one love Lady Margaret, he vowed vengeance, using Margaret’s niece, as his pawn. Except, he’s thwarted by another, more enticing target–Miss Phoebe Barrett.

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