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Broderick and Reggie

He rescued her and took her into his world. As employee and friend, she is loyal and supportive in his fight to build an empire and protect his family. But where will their paths lead as desires and feelings are revealed, secrets unraveled and dark forces around them threaten? Another amazing work by this writer!



Wonderful Book

I don't know how she does it, but each book is different from the last. Suspense, romance, and mystery all wrapped up in this book. Highly recommended.

-Elizabeth Wentworth


To sea or not to see

Swashbuckling adventure from sea to shining see. Engrossing from beginning to end. You’ll be mesmerized by this adventurousness tale of a seafaring love story.



Great does not adequately describe The Governess, the third book in Christi Caldwell’s Wicked Wallflowers series! The author Caldwell has always written character driven stories, with a masterful cast of leading and secondary characters whose stories intertwine, but this book tops them all! The story of Broderick Killoran, leader of the family and ruthless owner of the Devil’s Den, and his assistant Regina “Reggie” Spark left me breathless! My heart filled with emotion as the story unfolds, not just of their love story, but the story of the youngest Killoran, Stephen, a lost lord, stolen from his family as a babe. From the very beginning, Stephen is curious about the father he doesn’t remember, and fearful of losing the only family he knows, so he strikes out at them causing discord between Broderick and Reggie. Stephen doesn’t really wish to hurt those he cares for most, but will his actions cause irreparable cracks in the family, or will it open their eyes to what has been right in front of them all along? Magnificent, deeply emotional, heart-wrenching and heart-warming, The Governess is a truly great read!



I can't believe it!

Like all fans of an author, I had my hero in chief. And I loved him, imperfections and all.

I would never betray him for a lesser man.

So, I will tell you this: Christi Caldwell has grown as an artist. She has studied the science of crafting a story, repeated and repeated the process of creating characters. And each has had their gains, each a bit better in one way or another, but I could always go back to Jasper. I mean, to pull the lady in distress from certain doom...
And then, along came...RODERICK??? Excuse me, the wicked, heartless new leader of the KILLOREN gang????
Not possible. I read as long as I could, until my eyes insisted I sleep, through heart ache and heartbreak, soul searching, and just plain searching.
I came back to find that the characters were moving through a choreography quite unmistakable, but to the strains of an unfamiliar melody.
That is this author's gift, you see: to take our tried and true stories and give them new me!odies, to let us see them anew.
That, my friends, is why we have romance. Because, all around us, the same old stories, but romance authors give them new twists. They take them almost to the point of disaster - and give us happily ever after.
That is an art, and a science, and, most of all, a joy.

Patricia M

The Governess


The Governess

Rivalry, romance, and scandal run hot in this Wicked Wallflowers novel. 

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