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A Delightful Collection of Stories

This is a delightfully compiled collection of stories from some amazing authors. Some of the stories are a bit steamy while others are a bit spicy. All the stories are on a theme, and are full of brilliantly crafted characters.

-Unkown Amazon Purchaser



Some of these authors are favorites of mine, and some were unknown to me. I’m thrilled to have found some new favorites. Highly recommended.



Nice set of Christmas stories

Great set to start the Christmas reading, some for everyone....all were worth the read. Great way to find new authors.





Wonderful Christmas Anthology!

Christmas is coming and so are the wonderful stories compiled by several amazing authors!
There is nothing better to get you in the mood to celebrate when there is romance and happy endings! These are some previously released tales but all together they bring hours of reading enjoyment!

-Lori Dykes



I dare say, this is one of the most enduring and laughable books I have ever read. I dearly loved it. Best proposal ever. This book reaches ones soul and you named the book appropriately. The book is all about Cassia and her seagoing espisodes. Interesting, enjoyable and endearing.

-Katherine Sterling


Chapter 1


Duke The Halls


The Heiress at Sea

A seafaring journey is the second chance for a lady and the last chance for a marquess in a thrilling novel about rebellious love, secrets, and danger .

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