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The amazing series marches on

This is another brilliant story that sees this amazing series marching on with gusto. The thrilling suspense and wonderful characters all combine to make this a very captivating read.

-Kindle Reader


Possible the best in the series.

This story is well developed. The characters are nuanced. The romance is paced perfectly. There is angst...

-Cynthia L. Bogner


Faith and Rex are swoon worthy

...Round of applause for Christi Caldwell for writing a beautiful story…. and giving us another bad boy to drool over!!...

-Estela Reads Romance

Absolutely Glorious

Faith and Rex story is just wonderful. Beautifully written, Rex is the perfect hero, dark and brooding, kidding himself he’s only spending time with Faith for selfish reasons, all the while Faith is wiggling her way in and showing him that love is possible. Loved this story and always enjoy hearing about the other great characters too! Bring on the next book!

-Mrs LM Rockminster



Once again, Christi Caldwell gives us a heartwarming story... I was charmed. Rex DuMond is the son of a Duke who has tortured him his whole life. Rex walked away from that life and is the managing partner of a wicked club. Faith is a young woman who is deaf in one ear and considers herself damaged goods. She is the wallflower on the side of the ballroom. Rex and Faith meet by chance and that is how the story begins. How their relationship grows and weaves will touch your heart. Bravo, Christi!



A Departure

This was a departure from her other HOD novels. It was quite a bit darker and I could not put this one down! There was intrigue, steamy romance, language I wasn't expecting (but was necessary to give one of her main characters credibility)...I loved the pacing of this story and will add it to my read-again stories.

-Kindle Customer


Chapter 1

The Devil and the Debutante


The Devil And The Debutante

Book 20 in the Heart of a Duke Series

She discovered more than a dangerous attraction, she also uncovered dangerous secrets. He's accustomed to a world where the house always wins. Can true love ever be born in treachery and deceit?

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