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I have a new author to enjoy!

What a great story of a woman who wanted to explore and never saw any danger. Mistaking the ship of that of a friend after disguising herself she is discovered and respected by the captain.

I only have time to read after bedtime this book definitely cut into sleep time but who needs to sleep!



A take on Beauty and the Beast

I loved this book. So far my 2nd favorite of all of her books I've read.

-J Nicks


Love, Love, Loved!

I LOVE this series and I think this is my favorite! I was so excited for Gertrude’s story and to see how Stephen and Edwin’s relationship would pan out! This story made me cry (multiple times) being a mother I couldn’t even imagine! Christi Caldwell is amazing in making her characters real, the pain and the suffering real, the love real. Just loved it! 

-A. Cronin

Gertrude Edwin

Another brilliantly written story by Christi Caldwell. She has been tempting readers with the mad Marquess and the mystery surrounding his bitterness, anger and drive for revenge. A captivating tale that raises many unanswered questions about the Killoran family, especially Stephen, the son they are accused of stealing from Lord Edwin Maddock. Loved Edwin, but the real star is an intelligent, smart, and caring bluestocking, a member of the Killoran family, who is underestimated and unrecognized by all. She will become the unseen force and true hope for the answers and solutions needed to right wrongs and begin a healing for so many of the individuals involved.

Filled with highly charged personalities and tearfully tender emotions, I strongly recommend “The Bluestocking”. 



The Emotional Journey of Love through Forgiveness 

Seven years ago, Edwin, the Marquess of Maddox had his life torn apart when his pregnant wife was killed and his son stolen. Popular opinion condemned Edwin, and almost everyone turned their backs on him. Edwin, mired in grief, and blaming himself, shut himself away from everyone. Maddox's son, meanwhile, was taken by Mac Diggory, a degenerate underworld crime boss, now dead. He is being raised by Diggory's "kids", some of whom unknowingly took part in the kidnapping.
Gertrude, Diggory's daughter, foists herself on Maddox's home, feeling that Stephen needs someone to watch out for him and help him bridge his old life and new life.
Gertrude, Edwin, and Stephen all have their battles to face. And they do. They all grow, and mature, and it is so beautiful to see. Edwin struggles to resume his role as a father to this boy who is so hurt, and confused, and so different from what he imagined his son would be. Stephen doesn't know where he fits anymore, and is so angry and confused. Gertrude is just finding her voice and her strength, and struggling with concepts of preconceived notions.
Caldwell has a gift for writing characters and stories with such depth and emotion. As a reader you are not told what the feelings are, but carried through the feelings, and you experience each and every one. This author is one of the few on my must read list. Read this book and you will see why.


The Blue Stocking


The Bluestocking

With every moment he shares with the tenderhearted Gertrude, Edwin’s anger softens into admiration…and more. Is it possible that the woman he loathed may be the only person who can heal his broken soul?

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