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Another winner from Ms Caldwell

Christi Caldwell is a masterful storyteller. She write such strong, flawed and perfectly imperfect characters that draw you in from page one. Tempted is a beautiful story about finding the person who will love and accept you as you are.



Another amazing love story from Christi Caldwell

This book was such a sweet read about two people who just wanted someone to love them for themself and to truly see just them and their heart. I fell in love with this book about pure simple love and finding that one true soul mate...

-Sharon C


Anyone Who Reads This Will Smile!

...Moments of acute awkwardness, desire, yearning, humor, kindness, regret and just about every other emotion you can think of all converged to give a wonderful reading experience. The gift of writing and expressing her characters feelings beyond the pages of her books make Ms. Caldwell an author you cannot help but be attracted to. Tempted by a Lady’s Smile is just the kind of story to bring a smile to anyone lucky enough to come across it!

-Jenerated Reviews (A Book Obsessed Chicks Review Team Selection)

Outsiders at house party

Yay to Christi Caldwell who braves uncharted waters while keeping all the good elements of HR. The heroine in this book is not the prettiest lady in the room and the hero is not the highest status nobleman in this house party romance. But it works so well. Double yay.

...At the heart of this novella is the theme of fantasy crush versus real love. The good things about this book were the emotional truthfulness, the moments of humour (ie. the piano recital from hell), and its refusal to display stereotypic goodies and baddies. Do read this sweet novella for an instant mood boost.



Evan Bluestockings Can Find Love

I love a book where the heroine is not the most beautiful or sought after girl in the room. This one is for the rest of us. For the smart, awkward girls; those bluestocking, wallflowers who are overlooked or even taunted by others. How could anyone like that ever hope to find love – never mind love with a soon to be Duke? ...

...Christi Caldwell has created a wonderful story of learning to know yourself before you can really learn to love someone else. The characters are real – with flaws and problems. This is a quick read and well worth taking the time. Although this is the 4th book in the Lords of Honor Series, it stands alone and you do not need to read the other before this one (although if you liked this one you might want to go back and pick them up also.)

-Diane D


Chapter 1

Tempted by a Lady’s Smile


Tempted By A Lady’s Smile

 Book 4 in the Lords of Honor Series

A chance meeting creates a new path for Richard and Gemma to forge– but can two people, scorned and shunned by those they’ve loved from afar, let down their guards to find true happiness?

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