Loved this book

Again Christi Caldwell is at her best! Extraordinary characters, handsome heroes, beautiful woman warriors, and exciting storyline! I will be recommending this book to my friends and family. Read and enjoy!



Love changes everything!

Oh boy! This book has it all! A spunky heroine out to unmask the people in society who destroyed lives, and an unlikely hero who hides his tender side to the world...Twists and turns, and an HEA that will leave you smiling. Another great book by Christi Caldwell!




Another great read by this author! Her writing style is unique and wonderful in the way she pours her heart into each and every story, always bringing to life the amazing characters, drawing the reader into a world of romance, mystery, light versus dark, trials and triumphs. But the best part is she never disappoints the reader, always leaving you content, satisfied, and anxiously waiting for her next release.


Grumpy/Sunshine Trope at its finest...

This book was such an amazing and welcome surprise. Historical romance is a genre that I tend to gravitate towards when I need something different to break up my recent reads, and this novel by Christi Caldwell was exactly what I needed to reorient myself.

I absolutely loved the banter and chemistry between Tynan and Faye! Faye was such an amazing heroine, and I loved witnessing as Tynan slowly fell under her spell of innocence while Faye worked to show Tynan his worth and the goodness he is capable of...Tynan's grovel and proposal were so well-done that the ending left me swooning for the happiness that Tynan and Faye have found together at last 

-lifeisbetterwithbooks_ Vine Voice


Love knows no divide

This is the second in the fabulous Christi Caldwell’s Scandalous Affairs series. Faye Poplar scarred by her parents role in the disappearance of the current Earl of Maxwell, resolves to make those in the peerage pay for crimes similar to that of her family. Since the scandal came to light all invitations and marriage prospects have disappeared leading her to believe she will be a spinster for life. In her quest for justice she enlist the help of the Beast of Newgate, Tynan Wylie who has landed on the wrong side of the prison bars...I am a huge fan of all of Christi’s books but the ones set in the dark, tough streets of London are my favorites. She manages to meld the peerage and those of the lower class together, couples finding love across station divides. Although both characters appear in earlier books, you don’t need to read them to enjoy this story but after reading you will want to. I highly recommend this book, it’s gritty, gusty and heartwarming in these dark times. We all need an escape and this is the perfect book to lose yourself in.

-LCWilson Vine Voice


Chapter 1

Taming of the Beast


Taming Of The Beast

Book 2 in the Scandalous Affairs

Intrigued by the scandal of London’s Lost Lords, intrepid Miss Faye Poplar resolves to untangle the mystery of those complicit in the disappearance of the young lords and ladies

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