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Caldwell provides enough secrets, scandals, and scheming to keep the lovers on their toes

-Publishers Weekly


Starred Review

Humorous, tender, and altogether fun, Caldwell’s latest will have wide appeal among romance readers.

-Library Journal


The lively humor and dramatic action, appealing secondary characters, and feminist theme make for an enjoyable read. The echoes of previous books as well as setup for the Wantons series will keep Caldwell’s fans hooked

Historical Novels Review

A Wonderful Second Chance at Love

Will they be able to let go of their fears to look forward to what could be ...

This book was such a delightful scrumptious meal to savor.
From the moment the many sisters of Clayton are introduced to their meddling way, I just loved them and can’t wait to see them starring in other stories. How little Eris is a delight, every peculiar girl to woman in the Kearsley household is a pleasure to read about. They are a breath of fresh air, bringing joy and fun in their stake all the while breaking havoc. Clayton is such a sweetheart, a man out of his time, progressivist, respectful and loving.

I love his relationship with his sisters, he adapts his speech or attitude upon which of his siblings he is addressing.

-Elodi Nicoli


Beautifly Written

A beautiful story of letting love triumph over all odds. Lots of lovely moments...the banter between friends and siblings are an asset to this story. Once again Christi has introduced us to some wonderful characters, some so intriguing that we start counting days when there stories will come to life. The chemistry between Clayton and Sylvia is electrifying and the depth of their relationship is becomes all the more heart wrenching how they had to stay apart, when they are so made for each other. Loved this story and waiting for more from this new series.


Someone Wanton His Way Comes


Someone Wanton His Way Comes

 If only he had the courage to tell her how he feels—or the hope that she’d ever again let down her guard. 

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