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Tragic Grief

This is an emotionally intense story. The deep pain and loss they had both suffered was terrible. Each had responded in a vastly different way.
I enjoyed the book. The characters are genuine in their emotions. It’s well-written with a good storyline.

-Bonnie K


Book 1 in the Lords of Honor Series by Christi Caldwell

Oh I don't even know how to explain how I felt about this book ! It was the most moving book I have read in a long long time!...This is by far one of Christi's best books !! And this is only the first in the series! I so look forward to the next book ! I can't say enough good things about this book! It is definitely a MUST-READ!

-Beverly A Ross

Another Amazing Story!

 Ms Caldwell always does an amazing job writing wounded (both physically & emotionally)heroes. Her heroines have amazing strength & perception in helping these wounded souls realize they are more than their, for lack of a better word, disability. Her characters travel down a what would be a dark & emotional time to seeing they are worthy of hope & love.

-Dee Foster


Made Me Cry. Poignant

 Caldwell is a master at plucking at the readers heart, to have their own emotions following right along with the characters. From the very first words Eloise utters to her long lost friend Lucien my guts were tied into knots by Eloise care and concern for the war ravaged Lucien, the hero in Seduced by a Lady’s Heart. The way Cadwell wrote of Eloise’s unrequited young love for Lucien, stirred my heart and brought tears to my eyes. I felt a kinship in Eloise, the stalwart best friend, as Lucien, the holder of her heart found love; but alas not with her. In Eloise, Caldwell paints a vibrant every woman whom despite her heartbreak does everything in her power to secure her best friends happiness. Eloise is selfless without being a martyr, or seeming like a doormat. Caldwell romantic heroines are a breath of fresh air.



Chapter 1

Seduced By a Lady’s Heart


Seduced By A Lady’s Heart

 Book 1 in the Lords of Honor Series

Eloise is determined to win Lucien’s love once and for all…if only Lucien can set aside the pain of his past and risk all on a lady’s heart.

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