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A heartfelt second chance at romance

I loved this book - it features one of my favourite themes - a second chance at love. Mystery, villains, despair, romance, trauma, enduring love and an irrepressible ward all combine to create a story that will tug at your heart strings and have you routing for a wonderful happily ever after.



The Mute Swan

Christi Caldwell always creates and develops characters that you fall in love with and root for their happiness in the end. Rowena Endicott aka Mrs. Bryant and Graham Linford, Duke of Hamstead pulled you in to their story from the beginning and the Duke's ward, Ainsley was an absolute hoot...

I loved the story, the main characters, hated the villains... I highly recommend this read and can't wait to read the next book in this series.

-Lana Birky

Another winner for Christi Caldwell!

You can't go wrong with a Christi Caldwell book and " Schooling the Duke". Is another winner...I did not want to put it down, Graham and Rowena where wonderful characters that went to so much because of the mean spirited people that were supposed to love them best...

The story has a bit of everything that makes a romance book good, a romantic relationship interrupted by villains ( plural ) it has angst and grief but you put up with it because you know that love will conquer all in the end, a great H and h and Ainsley who was very likable and she brings levity to the story even though her life has not been easy. I can't wait for her book I hope she gets one soon.



Must Read!

A heartbreaking beginning, two people from opposite sides of the haut ton. One, the second son of a very proud Duke, the other, an impoverished young lady, whose stepfather is local Vicar. They have been in love since they first met as young teenagers. Then he is off to war, to fight Napoleon.

...this is a wonderful book, the story will pull you into their world. You want their misunderstanding cleared up, they have both suffered, and deserve happiness. Will they reach it, or will it slip through their fingers? I highly recommend you buy it Today! Thanks! Enjoy!




Chapter 1

Schooling the Duke


Schooling The Duke

Book 1 in the Heart of a Scandal Series

In this passionate series, clever, once-wounded, twice-wary women will find their chance at happily ever after…and maybe even, the heart of a duke!

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