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Just Excellent

These three regency romances are excellent reading...

Highly recommended reading. 



Scandalous Seasons

I am a great fan of historical romance stories and I was not disappointed with this box set. All the stories were a real joy to read...I would recommend this box set and would give each story 5 stars. All the books can be read as stand alone but if you read one book then you have to read the other two. I will be looking at other work from this author.

-Mrs. S Hall


Excellent Plots and Characters

Three really excellent page-turners! I loved the heroes and the heroines. All the characters across the novels are known to each other and in some cases related, but the books can be read independently...

-I. Zawilski

OMG I can't even...mad props for all things Christi Caldwell!!

Christi Caldwell is a fantastic author and this is a great start to the Scandalous Season Series. This is the second time I read this book and I think I cried harder this time than the first. BTW, Jones gets his own story in Seduced by a Lady's Heart.... and it's GOOOOOOD!!!...

Now I just bought the rest of the books in the series!! I can not wait to fall in love with more of Christi Caldwell's characters. And yes, I have my box of Kleenex ready. Christi Caldwell is now firmly placed on my keep shelf!! She is awesome!!

-Estela Reads Romance


Honestly Brilliant

Cristi Caldwell is a new author to me, and I'm seriously impressed with these novels.

The leads have real depth & complexity, yet maintain an honesty of character which really holds your attention and draws you into their worlds.

I wavered between wondering how each novel would conclude, then how long I was going to need to find out, then back to what the next twist setting my teeth on edge would be, then realising the hopelessness of getting to sleep before the final, final ending was uncovered and blocking out the world til I was done!

The characters maintain good flow between the books, and there is excellent historical attention to detail...

-Amazon Customer

Scandalous Seasons: The First Three Scandalous Seasons Novels


Scandalous Seasons: The First Three Scandalous Seasons Novels

Be enthralled by the first three books in the Scandalous Seasons series! Including, USA Today bestseller, “Forever Betrothed, Never the Bride”!

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