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Best. Duet. Ever!

I had tears streaming through the entire reading, literally. It was so poignant, so heartfelt, it was beyond romantic. I'm a sucker for tortured souls in love but not being able to be together so this one really got to me.

-Jenna Roma


Friendship is a very nice way to start

Caldwell has a way of making her characters reach out to you, making us want to cheer for them and make them safe and happy. His Duchess for a Day is a wonderful tale, and you will sigh with happiness for Crispin and Elizabeth!



Two Fantastic Romances that work well together

Overall Rogues Rush In was a great read with two stories that wonderfully complemented each other. 

Melanie Valente

A Charming Romantic Duet

If you want two completely different, yet well crafted historical romance stories, with dashing heroes and strong heroines. One story full of mirth and seduction, the other of forgiveness and wooing; and together, a perfect blend of uncertainty and second guessing. Two separate tales but both laden with love, value, loyalty and a soul-deep connection. Then you really need this wonderful and romantic duet in your hands.

-Nicole M at Emarld Book Reviews


Indulge and be Delighted !!!

Absolutely loved Christ Caldwell's Elizabeth and Crispin in "His Duchess for a Day"..Made me cry in parts and that is vital in my opinion.. as those tears were not just sadness tears, but also happiness tears !! Their wonderful tale has a few twists and turns which forced me to keep on reading, rather than get some much needed sleep. But I was so happy I kept on.. Cannot put a good book down, and this was a good book.!
Tessa Dare's tale "His Bride for the Taking" with Sebastian and Mary, again, was worth the sleep time lost.. His best friend's sister Mary, is rescued at the altar by Sebastian, who now gets to touch the lady that he has always yearned to..
Please I urge all "Indulge & Be Delighted !!"

M. MacDonald


Chapter 1


Rogues Rush In


The Heiress at Sea

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling authors Tessa Dare and Christi Caldwell come together in this smart, sexy, not-to-be-missed Regency Duet!


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