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The Greatest of Gifts Brings Foregiveness and Joy

...Beautiful, poignant and enchanting story of how life's greatest blessing - Love - can heal a wounded soul and bring joy! Thank you Ms. Caldwell!!

-Animal Lover


Dark and Stunning

Rescued by a Lady's Love by Christi Caldwell is her darkest romance to date...

This is one read that I think will shock some of Caldwell's fans by it darkness, but shows the range in which the author can spread her wings.



Sweet, Sexy

Sweet, sexy, and a little bit sinful. This scorching historical hits the mark at every turn!

...From the first word until the last one, I was hooked. There’s nothing cliché or predictable about this novel, and it rules in ever way. The writing, the dialogue, the action, the sexual tension – all noteworthy! I will definitely be reading more from Caldwell.


Amazing and Heart wrenching all at the same time!!

Now I will be perfectly honest, I am not normally one of those reformed/ second chance book lovers. I normally don't like the hero to be the bad guy in previous books, to suddenly become the hero. But I have always had empathy for Derek from the very first book in the Lord of Honor series and by the time I was done with this book, I can see that he was never a monster but a man with very deep scars.

I truly loved the characters, Lily broke my heart! How much she suffered reduced me to tears...

So now I have waxed lyrical about how much I have loved the characters, let's get to the plot and the writing; the writing is smooth and the plot is gripping and kept me hooked from the moment I opened the book and thankfully the baby napped all the way throughout me reading this delicious nugget.

So finally I'm done being long winded and we get down to the score, which is really the easiest part of this review (I think), I give Rescued By A Lady's Love 5 stars

-Cara Ross


What a beautiful love story about finding your hopes and dreams again.

Christi Caldwell has done it agian, WOW what a beautiful writing story of finding true true unconditional love. I could not put this book down stiill I was finished it just pulls you in and makes you live and experience the story with these two wonderful characters but that the true gift Christi has when she writes her books. Derek and Lily are the Hero and Heroine is this beautiful book. They both are so broken from what life has dealt them.

This story is so much more than getting a second chance for love, it's about finding that one true person who loves you no matter what you have done or what was handed to you in life....

Derek and Lily story is so more than about second chances and finding love it is about the dreams you had has a young adult and having them being crushed by what life has dealt you. Then out of the blue you find that one true love that can bring all those beautiful and wonderful dreams to life agian...

To say I love this book is just not enough I was over the moon in love with this book and Derek and Lily. Grab a copy and have a beautiful afternoon of reading a truly amazing book by the very talented Christi Caldwell you will be so happy that you did.

-Sharon C


Chapter 1

Rescued By a Lady’s Love


Rescued By A Lady’s Love

Book 3 in the Lords of Honor Series

Lily Benedict sets out to salvage her honor. With no choice but to commit a crime that will save her from her past, she enters the home of the recluse, Derek Winters, the new Duke of Blackthorne.

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