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Loved It

Another example of why Christi Caldwell is my favourite author. The book gripped me from the start and I couldn't put it down. Loved the characters and how they bounced off each other. Easy reading.



Love conquers all.

I really enjoyed this book, a true romance. Christie Caldwell is a brilliant writer. Bringing life to her characters and her books. Thank you



A Fabulous Read

Generations of strife between two families stemming from the theft of a broadsword is theme for this inventive and entertaining tale by talented author, Christi Caldwell.

Ever since the Rayne family lost the Theodosia broadsword to the Renshaw family, who stole it many years prior, the Raynes have had nothing but bad luck in so many aspects of their lives. Now, Lady Theodosia Rayne, who takes her namesake to heart, is determined to retrieve that which was stolen from her family and restore some luck and perhaps some happiness.

-Kimberly R (Vine Voice)


Romeo and Juliet with a Sword

If any couple could give Romeo and Juliet a run for their money in the family hatred department it is the Raynes and the Renshaws. The Raynes are convinced that all the bad luck that has happened to their family is the fault of the Renshaws. What did the Renshaws do to cause this hatred? They bought a sword (The Gladius) that was supposedly stolen from the Raynes years ago.
With this generation the curse continues, the heir Richard Rayne proposed to a woman who rejected him to become betrothed to arch-enemy Charles Renshaw. The last straw comes when brother Luke is reported missing in action while fighting Napoleon’s forces.

Something must be done and so Theodosia (the only daughter) decides to take matters into her own hand. 

-Diane D


Loved Theo and Damiens's Story

Christi Caldwell hit's it out of the park again. I really don't know what I would have done with my life, if she had never written a book. Even in this short story, she is able to bring in so much depth and emotion that can be lacking in many full length novels....

Theo and Damien ignite a dangerous passion within each other that night. As the offspring's of two warring families, their love can never be a possibility. But as each day passes, Damien and Theo realizes they can not stay away from each other. But can they overcome the bitter feud that has ensnared their families for centuries, to bring peace, love and healing to old wounds. Or is their love doomed before it even begins.



Chapter 1

Only For His Lady


Only For His Lady

 Book 1 in the The Theodosia Sword Series

Can two forbidden lovers find a way to make amends before their families’ war tears them apart?

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