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Really Loved it

This story was sweet and unique. It brought about many issues even tho it is a short story. Lucas is a military man that was captured by the French. A shell of a man, he is haunted by the war. Eve is also haunted by the war...The love story is beautiful.



Short but satisfying

This was a lovely little story that didn't take long. It had a lot packed in and kind of racy which is what I like. I would recommend this. I like all her books


Wonderful Author

Wonderfully written! I love this author....I have read many of her books and they don't disappoint! The character development is a good as it gets with this type of book, the stories are interesting, they are well written, and I can't seem to put any of them down! They are sexy without being too disgusting and I will be coming back to read more of her books in the future!



Oh to keep on reading

Oh my goodness where does Christi get her ideas from. She is very good with the historical matter which always makes a good read. Keep it going Christi.

-Patricia Edmonds




Chapter 1

Only For Her Honor


Only For Her Honor

Book 2 in the The Theodosia Sword Series

The more time Lucas spends with Eve, he remembers what it is to be alive and he lets the walls protecting his heart down.

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