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A real gem of a novella

I tend to wince when a novella is included in a series of otherwise full length novels. I don’t particularly like romance novellas as they move too fast in an most obtrusive and trite way. This novella, however, was charming...

The heroine is so likable. Funny, a little gauche in a good way, wicked smart, and totally good natured.

-Cynthia L Bogner


Too Short

Every time I finish a Caldwell book I have a stupid happy grin on my face. Here tales of love and romance with flawed Regency era characters always take me to a happy place...


One Winter with a Baron

I loved reading this story. The courage and forth rightness of the heroine to hire the hero to help her learn about life was an ingenious storyline. It set the ground work for both characters to learn about themselves and each other and to be able to find love together. 

-Kindle Customer


One icy winter, in London

First, this is standard Caldwell. Tight characters who move through plots woven together to create a story that pulls you in and drags you deeper by the sentence... You don't have to have read the others. But you will want to after reading this one. I suggest just giving in, getting them all, and binge-reading. Best for all concerned, really.

-Patricia M


A perfect romance for the holiday season

I can tell how good Christi Caldwell's book will be by how much I end up crying. I started tearing up before I was a third through. As always, she writes such believably, wounded people who you just want to find love... She also does an AMAZING job at taking a dreadful side character from her prior stories and turning them into someone you can fall in love with. This was a fabulous example of why she's an auto-buy.



Chapter 1

One Winter with a Baron


One Winter With A Baron

Book 12 in the Heart of a Duke Series 

Can this clever woman look beneath the veneer of a coldhearted rake to see the man Nolan truly is?

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