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Be Still My Heart

A story of the heart as two older people prove that love can still be found!

One of my favorite tropes and Christi, as always, does a masterful job and pulls out all the stops!
The emotions and past sorrows make you want to cry and be happy, which is the mark of an amazing writer...

Simply sigh worthy!

-Lori D


Older Characters, Perfect Romance!

...A short novel with all the feeling of a longer one. I love the books that feature older characters because I can relate to them more than to a young debutante! Christi’s books are always perfect, with endearing characters who suffered... I like these little prequels to the main series All the Duke’s Sins who shed light on the life of the main older characters. Caldwell never, ever lets me down! 

-Gloria Pastorino


Oh My Gosh!!

Another amazing day in the world of Christi. I fell in love with these people. The humor, love and a bit of drama make for the perfect mix. The storyline is intriguing and interesting. Her descriptions of the home's made me feel like I was there. Along with descriptions of the City and when Althea visits the beach, I remembered when I used to enjoy walking along the shoreline! You're going to enjoy this one too.



Free to love at last!

A fleeting love once lost and now found. Althea and Neill, childhood friends, shared a few kisses in their youth then separated by her horrible father. Married to a cruel husband and widowed. Finally free. Neill, married with children now grown also widowed. Could love find its way while Althea helps his daughter. Ms Caldwell always give us wonderful characters and involved stories. This is a wonderful read.

-Cindy W



One for My Baron


One For My Baron

Book 3 in the All the Duke's Sins Series 

Entangled by their pasts a rakehell lord and an outspoken lady find passion flare in their present. Will they have a second chance at romance, or will mistakes of the past keep them apart forever?

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