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Great addition to the series!

As usual, Christi Caldwell delivers a fabulous novel! Great characters in unusual circumstances with a plot that keeps me turning the page until I have finished the book equals a delightful read!

-Susan Terral


More then a happy ending

This book, like all of Christi’s books was a joy. Most of all, it was the perfect read leading up to Christmas. It left me feeling happy and light, and isn’t that what Christmas is supposed to do?



*post caldwell sniffle*

lovely winter story chock full of genre aware nods but all done with caldwellian skill and sincerity that had me grinning and currently has me crying happy, cathartic tears...

beautiful book and can definitely stand alone tho of course, friends, you gotta read 'em all!

-Holly Hughes

Once Upon an Awesomeness

Oh how Christi Caldwell can weave a story. It’s just glorious. I found myself tearing up along with the heroine and wanting to dive into the book to fight those who had wronged the hero. This is one you def want to keep on your shelf to read again.
-Emily Evans


So Great!

 I loved this story for the concept that sometimes we have misconceptions and preconceived notions about people we know nothing about other than perhaps the exterior or what we habe heard. We all have past experiences and memories that both make us happy and torment us at the same time. We get so lost in the past that moving forward is extremely difficult without sharing our thoughts with someone else perhaps who has had similar experiences and mostly the importance of talking to someone. I loved the storytelling, the intriguing characters and the beautiful written emotional scenes. 5 out-of 5 stars.

-Ghazal Mansoor


Emotional Beautiful HEA

I LOVED this book, continuing a great series, we final hear Broden Burgess story and what a story! I was hooked from his and Elyse first meeting, it was funny, comforting, emotional and intense watching their friendship develop. The healing of two souls who have suffered unfairly. I laughed and I cried and I loved every minute of it!!

-Mrs LM Rockminster

Once Upon a Betrothal


Once Upon a Betrothal

It isn't long before a strong-willed Elyse and Broden, begin to warm to one another, and even regret having to say goodbye, but does that same heat have the power to thaw two wounded hearts? 

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