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Truth is the Way

This book kept me inthralled. It was a great take on the main female character and kept you rooting for her and her male character counterpart. The times have changed but truth is always the way to go.



A Keeper

Why did I feel absolutely compelled to read this book when I've never before read this author, or even heard of her? I don't know why!!! But it was something almost supernatural that led me, and I am so happy that I followed this compulsion and purchased this novel. Within these pages there is a depth of emotion I seldom find and it is all wrapped up in superbly nuanced characters. Hermione and Sebastian are meant for each other and they feel it right from their first meeting but they are not astute enough to realize that this is true love. No, Hermione must envision the relationship as research for her novels and Sebastian knows there is a connection but he just can't figure out why he finds ways to keep meeting Hermione...You will have some smiles and some tears but you will not put this book down until you have turned the last page. Way to go Christi Caldwell!
(I'm ready to delve into more of the Scandalous Seasons Series)

-D. Salvagin, La Deetda Reads

Yellow Dresses

She did not want to wear the yellow dress with lots of horrid ruffles but being put into Society to make a "match" and rescue her family's financial dire straights. No one but her younger sister knows she writes books under a pseudonym and she needs a Duke for her new book and she meets one. The Duke finally meets a woman who isn't impressed with his title and has no intention of trapping him into marriage -- until she does. Hermione and her Duke face obstacles and heartache in finding their destiny together and finding it makes for a story not to be missed.

-Amazon Customer


Truly likeable characters all around

...I've been happily reading Christi Caldwell for a long time and came back to read the Scandalous Seasons books on a lark...I got so invested in Sebastian and Hermione, that when I reached the crisis in the book, I almost couldn't keep reading. I was so brokenhearted for both of them and the situation seemed too hopeless to ever reach that HEA (well done Ms. Caldwell)! Once I screwed up the courage to continue...Sebastion has been around for most of the series, and because I got to know him over the course of several books on this reading, I was really excited to finally get his story. So, while technically this could be read standalone, Once a Wallflower, at Last His Love is better wrapped into the series...Oh, bonus, I would like to think we get a small idea of what Ms. Caldwell's writing career has been like since Hermione writes Gothic romances. (I fantasize that maybe Hermione is in actuality, a lot like Christi Caldwell.) Great read in a great series.

-Southern Lady


Again I am blown away by the sheer talent and imagination of Christi Caldwell

...The writing is flawless, the story is enchanting and there was not a plot hole to be found. I LOVE Hugh and Addie, but would quite happily throttle Aunt Agatha (the old bat).
Again I am blown away by the sheer talent and imagination of Christi Caldwell! Every book of hers that I read makes me think I have been born in the wrong time period and I end up wishing that I was a part of the book. So I give Once a Wallflower, At Last His Love a very well deserved 10 out of 10.

-Cara Ross


Chapter 1

Once a Wallflower at Last His Love


Once A Wallflower At Last His Love

Book 6 in the Scandalous Seasons Series

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