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As always A Christi Caldwell story keeps you riveted from page one. No one brings a rake around better than a CaldWorld heroine. This whole series is well worth reading!



Can love conquer death?

A heroine living on borrowed time is in love with an impoverished rake. That he's her brother's best friend just makes things more interesting. Anwen Kearsley wants to be courted by the man she's always loved before she dies. Is that too much to ask? This is an engaging story with interesting characters and a plot that holds together very nicely.




Excellent read. What a story from Christi Caldwell! My eyes actually watered up toward the end. Not saying who, why or when, just buy the book. Caldwell writes such great characters and plots and I enjoyed every word of this one. Can't wait to read the next installment!


Another stonking great book

it's 6am, i do not care, that was glorious!

sorry, i've been crying for three chapters, i have no coherence... brother's best friend? check! okd and future characters dancing in the wings? check! deeply satisfying romance that has been teased for like three books and absolutely lived up to expectations? check!

another gorgeous caldwellian heroine and flawed but D2F hero and beautifully written and rendered story! straight in my Faves Collection...

-Holly Hughes


Curses Solved

...As always very well written, drawing you in from the beginning to the end. Each character is very defined and developed to fit the storyline/plot, whether they are "bad" or good.... The action and reaction between them is fabulous. They feel that they are cursed and flawed yet both are the answers to each other issues. This book is just absolutely fantastic. Everyone should read it. Would strongly recommend it to all...



Chapter 1


Once a Rake, Suddenly a Suitor


Once a Rake, Suddenly a Suitor

There have been two constants in Miss Anwen Kearsley’s life: one, she has always loved Phineas Lesar, the Marquess of Landon, her brother’s best friend. And two, like all her cursed relatives, she is fated to die young. Before she turns up her heels, Anwen plans to have a courtship from Phineas any way she can. She thinks it will be enough.

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