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Very Intense book

...a little bit intense for me, but excellent story. It draws you in immediately and kept me...There is so much suspense, it took my breath away. Couldn’t guess what would happen next. A few very sweet romantic, sensual moments....then back to not being able to guess what's next. I loved the hero Adam and Heroine Georgina, Very strong and good people. Some wicked villains causing so much pain...If you have strong nerves I do recommend it.



Exceptional and Emotional

Wow...this was an exceptional novel from Christi Caldwell. It was not a light and easy read but portrayed violence, abuse and torture. At the center is an emotional story of betrayal, love and distrust between two people who struggle with inner and outer demons. I really felt for the hero and heroine and even though they both made mistakes, I kept hoping that things would work out between them and the misunderstandings would get straightened out. There was also a good amount of passion and steamy scenes between them that made their connection all that more intense. The twists and turns in the plot kept me riveted to the pages and I couldn't put it down. A really well written and well told story that I would highly recommend...


True Love is Rare & Precious

A spy story in early 19th century - Irish Rebellion. It was captivating intrigue of events that I could not put down....

Wonderful emotional story during a restless time in history - with all the honor and glory and admiration to this one young woman who lived her life on her terms!! Thank you Ms Caldwell for the inspiration of not letting anything or anyone define who we wish to be!!

-Animal Lover


First book read by this author - won't be the last

What did I love about this story?

1) the characters had real life issues and lived in circumstances that were less than ideal. Which was great and made the story feel real.
2) It showed a part of history, that I had not seen in many books before.
3) The characters were not perfect and they did show growth during the story.
4) The hero did grovel for his mistakes! He realized he was wrong and he felt bad for it!

This won't be that last book I will read by Christi Caldwell and I will look forward to the rest of the series.

-Momo Staub


Chapter 1

My Lady of Deception


My Lady Of Deception

Book 1 in the Brethren of the Lords Series

Everybody has a secret. Some are more dangerous than others...

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