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I have a new author to enjoy!

What a great story of a woman who wanted to explore and never saw any danger. Mistaking the ship of that of a friend after disguising herself she is discovered and respected by the captain.

I only have time to read after bedtime this book definitely cut into sleep time but who needs to sleep!




I dare say, this is one of the most enduring and laughable books I have ever read. I dearly loved it. Best proposal ever. This book reaches ones soul and you named the book appropriately. The book is all about Cassia and her seagoing espisodes. Interesting, enjoyable and endearing.

-Katherine Sterling


To sea or not to see

Swashbuckling adventure from sea to shining see. Engrossing from beginning to end. You’ll be mesmerized by this adventurousness tale of a seafaring love story.


Love is for all

Another fabulous book from the brilliant Christi Caldwell. Cassia, our heroine is determined to experience life and not merely follow the path set out for her by her parents. She doesn’t want a season and to marry a staid Lord, she hates the thought of being a typical Ton wife. She sets out to stow away disguised as a lad on the ship her brother serves on, in a bid to experience adventure and see some of the world. Her plan however goes awry and she finds herself aboard our hero Nathaniel’s ship. He too is trying to escape the life his parents have set out for him. When his elder brother tragically died he became the ducal heir. Devastated that his father is forcing him to give up his freedom on the high seas and marry the lady destined to have been his brothers wife, Nathaniel set off on one last mission. Although here are a couple of characters from previous books this can be read as a standalone. The tale that ensues has some drama and love but it has a great deal of humor. I really enjoyed the lighthearted parts of the book, I laughed out loud at many of Cassia’s antics. Thrown together Cassia and Nathan realize they care deeply for one another and fall in love. Of course it is not quite that simple but being a Christi Caldwell romance they do get their happy ever after. I highly recommend this book, a wonderful read that will have you wanting more.



A wild ride on the high seas

Lady Cassia McQuoid has accepted her fate as a spinster. She has 2 younger sisters. The middle sister is married and the youngest sister has been sent to finishing school. She was never asked about going to school. She has never been asked to dance. Most of all, how can she be expected to lead a life confined to drawing rooms and royal balls when there’s a vast, exciting world to explore? Cassia is determined to find and stow away as a thrill-seeking lad on the ship her brother sails until it is in open waters. They won't be able to turn back and her adventure awaits. However, she is ushered onto the Flying Dragon instead of the Dancing Dragon. She is quickly discovered and meets the captain, and everyone has quite the adventure. The open season will never be the same.

The Book Miner


Chapter 1

My Heart Forever


My Heart Forever

Heart of a Duke Book 22

Join in a ghostly tale, where true love and happily-ever-after aren’t just for the living.

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