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Yet another great read!

Christi Caldwell is one of my favorites. She crafts stories and characters so full of life. Hardships and heartaches, love and hate. Julia and Harris are and odd couple in that she is an imposter pretending to be her adoptive sister. Harris fights his skepticism but falls for her anyway. Then everything blows up. The last chapter had me reading through tears. Great read!



Wow this book was awesome 5 STARS!

Another brilliant work from Christi Caldwell! She certainly writes with her heart, pulling every emotion from her believable and amazing characters, gifting the reader with a romantic journey charged with trials and triumphs, secrets and mystery, hope and love... lots of love. 

A definite page turner with surprising twists and turns.


My Fair Marchioness

Christi Caldwell has outdone herself with this book. I can't express how much I enjoyed this story. I would recommend it to anyone.


Love unexpected!

A magical story that Christi is so famous for, bringing a heroine from rags to riches... and of course finding love!

Julia had grown up on the streets with her mother and the girl Adairia, they had found, who had been wandering around lost. They'd grown up together like sisters, although Adriana had always claimed she was a princess.

When things go bad and Julia ends up going to the home Adairia, grew up in, she finds out her friend is the niece of a duchess who had been looking for her for years! A case of mistaken identity, she is thought to be the long lost niece.

But the prince... I mean the Godson of the duchess, Harris does not believe her. Much to his dismay, he finds himself attracted to her.

Three wonderful ladies, a wounded godson, a heroine that grew up on the streets and a great cast of characters make this an wonderful story that I could not put down until the end! Such a great series and I cannot wait for more!

-Lori Dykes


All's well that ends well, RIGHT?

Happily ever after is a given in romance writing.
It's the journey that makes the story.
Ms Caldwell excells at creating the story, making her books an auto-buy for me, and letting me escape the hum-drum life of...well, enough about me.
I recommend this book because it has an underlying poignancy, a tension that is actually not quite resolved. That promises more to come. That gives me hope for yet another few hours of escape.
Heartfelt thanks.

Patricia M


Chapter 1


My Fair Marchioness


My Fair Marchioness

When secrets are revealed, will love be enough for Julia and Harris to forge a future together?

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