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I simply adored Lady Anne (heroine) which surprised me. I didn't necessary like her in the other books and didn't think she would make a good partner for Harry, boy was I proven wrong. Lady Anne was a wonderful complicated character that was driven to find safety that her father failed to provide. Though she was deeply hurt and scared, she still new who she was and was always open to find true love!

Highly recommend this book as well as other books in this series and by this writer!



More then pleasantly pretty

LOVED! Christi has a magic for developing seemingly shallow characters into complex, smart, and lovable people who are unable or unwilling to present themselves in those lights publically and privately...The chemistry between Anne and Harry sparks at their every meeting, and you'll find yourself turning page after page as it builds and falls and builds and falls again and again. And the spectacles! Be still my heart! This book has earned its place on Favorites Shelf, right beside its sister, For Love of the Duke!


Lady Anne Adamson had given up notions of love and replaced them with practicality

Another beautiful romance by Christi Caldwell. Ms. Caldwell writes the most endearing characters and I absolutely fell in love with Anne and Harry. The sparks fly between the two and their dueling banter is delightful. I couldn't decide what I loved more- the lessons, their battles, or their tender moments. All of it is so beautifully written that I could understand completely why they fell in love with each other.
The secondary characters were very intriguing as well. I'm hoping their stories are in future books in the series. I can't decide if I want to hear the duke's story first or that of the dastardly Lord Rutland. Either way, I know I'll be swept away in a fabulous story.

-Love at 1st Read (A Book Obsessed Chicks Review)


Great Book

I loved the interaction between the two of them whenever they were together. They are so natural together and said exactly what they thought. They were able to be themselves around each other and as they got to know each other, feelings became involved. Now...enter Anne's bitter mother who is fit to be tied that Harry is around. Anne must win the heart of a Duke or she will be married off to her cousin. Ewww! To many obstacles to maneuver, the biggest is Harry's inability to love. I couldn't put it down until I finished it. Good thing I read it on a weekend. Hate to have to call in to work.



Found another auto buy author, GREAT series

Admittedly, Christi has become an auto buy with this book. I found her last year and when I started this series, I realized something good happening here. The first two books in this series were quite good, layered, great story lines and oh, oh those characters. I was not sure if I would like Anne's story but I was interested to see how Christi would make Anne someone I can root for. Well, she did it! Both Harry and Anne were a great pair and I wanted them to find their HEA from the very start! I like Christ's writing for some simple reasons. She writes well and she has mastered great layered, true to themselves characters. I like all those conflicts but I love that the characters do things after facing what you know is indeed causing them angst. I like that they find themselves with believable actions and story. I adored Harry, even in the last book. He was one of those layered characters that you just knew had much going on in that devious, roguish head of his...And Anne proved to also be more than expected. Great story...once again, I am going to continue my back reading of Christi's other books and look forward to more in this series....Read this book anywhere...just read it. AND get the others in the series...very much worth it.



Chapter 1

More Than a Duke


More Than A Duke

Book 2 in the Heart of a Duke Series

Polite Society doesn’t take Lady Anne Adamson seriously. However, Anne isn’t just another pretty young miss. 

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