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[A] delightfully festive quartet of Regency romances, all brimming with holiday spice and mistletoe mischief. This Christmas confection will be a treat for Regency romance fans.

-Publishers Weekly


Very Delightful Collection of Stories

This is a very delightfully constructed collection of stories that get a little spicy at times. All of the stories are on a theme and set at the same house party. All of the characters and their stories are amazingly portrayed. A really engaging and entertaining read.

-Unknown Kindle Purchaser


Great fun Christmas Fare!

Thoroughly enjoyable Christmas fare, true to the genre to which it belongs...Highly recommended.

Beryl Korman

Delightful Fun

The stories built upon each other and it was utterly captivating! I didn't want to set this aside as I devoured each page. From rogues to shy violets and poets and ladies set to be shelfed, this is pure entertainment. Watch love find its sweet way in these four stories that will touch your heart and leave a smile upon your face.

-M Fritz


A Variety of Good Romance

Surprising sweethearts and a rebuilt marriage, all four romances at the Greystoke Revelry are enjoyable reads. Interesting characters and lots of mistletoe kisses.

Donna S


Don't Ask About My Favorite

Each one of these stories is a unique gem. They all tell of the journey toward finding that there is someone who you want to cherish for a lifetime but each does it with a different perspective...You will celebrate as hero's and heroines come to their senses. And we will continue to wonder about the matchmaking Duke.

Linda Brugger

Mistletoe Christmas


The Heiress at Sea

A seafaring journey is the second chance for a lady and the last chance for a marquess in a thrilling novel about rebellious love, secrets, and danger .

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