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Another Winner

Christi Caldwell’s book Loved and Found is just another example of just how great an author she is! This beautiful heartwarming story about Edie and Thaddeus brought joy to my heart and tears to my eyes!

- Diane C. O'keeffe


Loved and Found

I thoroughly enjoyed this sweet little love story. Christi is a wonderful story teller. The characters are interesting and engaging and the children are very entertaining.

Cynthia Houser



Christi never disappoints with any of her books. Loved this story, loved the characters, stunning cover. I couldn’t put it down.

Nicole Stewart

What an amazing , heartfelt story!

I have read this story twice, and I think that I cried more this time through! Our author, Christi, is a true genius with words causing the reader to emphasize with the characters and feel all the agonizing pain they endure. By the end of the story you’ve really forged a bond with them and hate to say goodbye, but rejoice in their happily ever after!

Catherine Burhans


A must read!

They say big things can come in small packages and after reading ‘Loved and Found’ I believe it! This is the shortest book in the series and the most enjoyable and satisfying. When I read the first four books, at the end of almost every book I found myself looking for the next chapter. What happened did they just fall off the end of the earth? Needless to say I was disappointed. This book although short has a beginning, a terrific middle, and a well written ending. This book didn’t leave me wondering and wanting closure as others the in the series did. Well done, well written, and well worth it!



Chapter 1


Loved and Found


Loved and Found

Is the divide between former lovers too great to forge a future together...or can they at last have a love to last a lifetime?

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