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Emotional, Wonderful Books

I truly enjoyed this collection. I had to pause my reading at one point (on a plane) so I wouldn’t start blubbering in front of strangers. Ms Caldwell tells emotional, enjoyable stories with fully developed, flawed characters. Always must read books

-J Jones



Enjoyed the characters, the women seemed to have a mind of their own. The storyline was interesting and each character added to the interest.


Lovely Series

I really enjoy this author. This collection about the scandalous Tidemore sisters is a gem. Their mother just wants her daughters to find husbands they love in a usual manner with no scandal. But she's thwarted at every turn. At least in regard to avoiding becoming an object of gossip.

-Amazon Customer


A Great Bundle

I love plowing through a collection-- this one was fun. There is character overlap from another CC series, so the reader gets to run into old friends...over all a delightful bundle.

-Kimberly Zatina

Lords of Honor Collection


Lords Of Honor Collection

For the first time ever, readers can have the entire five-book Lords of Honor series on one set! Be prepared to swoon, sigh, and smile as these soldiers of the Napoleonic Wars capture the hearts of some of society’s most scandalous ladies! 

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