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A Christmas Miracle

. A romantic tale of true love and grief and confronting the adversities of life to attain life's most precious gift!

-Animal Lover


You can have it all

Christina defied her parents and married for love. Now a widow with no money and four children, she needs to marry for security, but a chance for another love match might be right in front of her. Martin Phippen has been a confirmed bachelor only interested in building a successful business...The book is uplifting and positive...very satisfying...



Dare to dream of love

 It is witty, charming and fun. The characters are engaging, enjoyable and likable. I was hooked in the first few sentences and didn't want to put it down...It is a story of acceptance, compassion, listening and unconditional love. I highly recommend this book...

-Unknown Amazon Customer

5 Stars and More!

True to this author’s style, wonderful, magical, and emotional. Beautiful romance you don’t want to miss, and you’ll find hard to put down until the last page. And the children… what a joy! Treat yourself to this beautiful story. Christi Caldwell never disappoints.



It Happened One Winter

There is nothing I enjoy better than a good love story, and Christi Caldwell is one of the best story tellers. I would recommend this book to anyone

-Unknown Kindle Customer



This is a story that has you laughing out over and over but at the same time pulls at your heartstrings. Christi Caldwell writes with such a magical touch that never leaves you disappointed and craving for more. A very delightful and full filling tale.

-Unknown Kindle Customer


Chapter 1

It Happened One Winter


It Happened One Winter

Book 4 in the Scandalous Affairs Series

 Three little scamps have made his work site their private playground, and Martin is determined that their mischief be curtailed before somebody gets badly hurt.    

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